Let us promote you

2018 PROMO

For just N1500 get your songs uploaded on our website and homepage for 3 full months

We at blacksoil entertainment can help you actualize your dream by promoting your talents. We promote the following talents for now

  1. Artistes ( Musicians )

  2. Models

  3. Dancers

  4. Comedians.

Feel free to whatsapp me on 08132794702 for more details.

For our music artiste we will promote you by 

  1. Online advertising

  2. Callertunes

  3. Shows & events

  4. Youtube

  5. Collaboration with other labels, agents and or artistes

For our models we will promote you by 

  1. Looking for modeling contract from magazines, companies.

  2. Shows & events.

  3. Youbure

NOTE: To be on our label or promotion you will have to pick up a form for just N1500, after which you will fill and return to us. All duely registered members will be listed here and their works will be uploaded on our site. To make online payment with visa card click here

For our dancers we will promote you by 

  1. looking for good dance jobs for u

  2. looking for dance videos from artistes for u

  3. doing some videos for you and uploading on youtube for exposures

  4. doing promotional dance jobs for products companies



We usually pay all our signed on artiste on 50 / 50 agreement and all our artiste will be present in our shows/events, we will also upload all of our members here for more exposures.